I had a great opportunity to design for beKnus, a premium e-commerce textile brand that is preparing its first launch in Germany. Their mission is to offer eco-friendly coziness to customers’ home with an emphasis on self-care. Their first product, Noé is a weighted blanket made of 100% recyclable materials with fine look and quality.


Client: beKnus​

Sprint Length: 2 weeks​

Tools: Figma, Maze​

Role: UX/UI Designer​

Key Emotions: warmth, coziness, premium, sustainability​

Scope: Create a stunning website for mobile (mobile first!) and desktop that explains the weighted blanket with all its advantages.​

Challenge: The design needs to educate, inspire…

The past 12 months in a global pandemic have been something else for everyone in the world. A big question that has been lingering for many of us is : When are we going to be able to travel again?

As we are now entering 2021 with hopeful hearts, I am going to evaluate some of the most well-known trip-planning digital services for all you travel fanatics for planning your next trip in the most time and cost efficient ways.

In this article, I am going to share how I :

  1. benchmarked Kayak, Skyscanner, and Tripadvisor mobile services using Nielsen’s usability heuristic evaluation
  2. ran user testings with four of my interviewees…

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

I chose instagram to work with for my second challenge of Ironhack pre-work.

The flow I worked on was from the first screen users see when they open the app to the comment screen after entering an account page from their feed.

Personal feed/first page > Account profile > A view of a content > A view of comments > A view of comment with a keyboard

I decided to work on instagram because:

  • It is one of the most frequently used interface for many people around me and myself as well
  • The interface is heavy on visuals and consistent…

Public transportations is deeply rooted in most of our daily routines. They can impact our schedule in great way. …and I don’t think I am the only one who has experienced some frustrations while using them.

Today, I attempt to hackle one of critical problems users face while using public transportation system: ticket purchasing.

Well the thing is, Where I grew up, South Korea is a densely populated country and public transportation is a big part of most of us. I never really felt like I needed a car because our public transportation is THAT good.

The issue addressed in…


Kayla is a curious and empathetic Junior UX designer who loves building seamless design that offers users easier ways of life

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