• Nuno Moreira

    Nuno Moreira

    UX/UI Designer & Architect, based in Berlin, nmoreira.com

  • Rohan Tandon

    Rohan Tandon

    UX/UI designer and an Illustrator with a great passion for developing functional and delightful interfaces using design systems. lucidstarfield.com

  • Marie Ballivet

    Marie Ballivet


  • Esc Design

    Esc Design

  • Juno Jo

    Juno Jo

    Who are you is: what you have, what you do or how you live?

  • Muge Hizal Dogaroglu

    Muge Hizal Dogaroglu

    User Experience and Product Designer based in Berlin. Visit portfolio: https://www.mugehizal.com/

  • Kike_Garcia


    UX Quereinsteiger. Ceviche lover, passionate of Psychology, Architecture, Art & Life. In a longtime relationship with Berlin. http://www.enriquegarciabello.de

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